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Welcome to Moonlux Cove - a place where soul & body meet and become one. We are a collective of energy healers who seek to activate, align and assist those who cross our path and are ready to embark on their own journey towards self mastery and healing.


We Offer:  

Reiki Healing 

(distance / virtual  attunements available)


Tarot & Oracle Consultation

(distance / virtual appointments available)


Hapé Plant Medicine w Soul Activations 

(appointments currently closed due to COVID)


One on One Chakra Yoga

(virtual appointments available)


Hand crafted & energetically charged goods such as crystals, candles, salt scrubs & more!



Intuitive Energy Healer & Reiki Master

Tarot & Oracle Consultant

YTT 200 & Shamanism Student  

Connect with me via the links above or by texting 440.635.6924 to schedule a virtual energy healing session or oracle consultation.

Intuitive Energy Healer & Reiki Master

Oracle Consultant

Connect with me via the links above or by texting 440.635.6924 to schedule a virtual energy healing session or oracle consultation.


Beautiful inventory, knowledgeable and willing to share to help you achieve your goals, with meditation, healing, tarot readings all reasonably priced!!!!! Beautiful souls run the operations, so glad that I meet them at a physic fair! Highly recommend this shop !!!


Moonlux Cove is run by some of the warmest and sweetest people I have ever spoken with. Sometimes when messaging someone I get anxious because you can never fully tell the tone or way things being said are meant to come off. But not with them. They have given me nothing but good vibrations through and through. You can tell they are truly passionate and this is not just a business to make money off of individuals, but to truly help others and guide them. - I highly recommend them to anyone and everyone. I can not wait to continue more conversations and readings with Moonlux Cove. They are the real deal y’all.

Logan C

Had a collective reading ( couples ) done by Shyanne and she absolutely blew my mind with this. Coming from someone who’s never really been exposed to any readings or anything like that in my past I will definitely say I’m intrigued and want more. I only knew my life path before and it was spot on and Shyanne hit the nail on the head with just about everything else she discovered for both of us. It was almost like she was able to look right into our deep minds and pull the information out like a number in the yellow pages. I was entirely way too shook reading what she had discovered. Very very impressed with what she found 10/10 highly recommend.

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