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Oct 16

Autumn has been a very exciting time for Moonlux Cove! We are pleased to share with you that a store front is in the works! We will be located at 614 High St Fairport Harbor, OH 44077 inside My World
Sep 8

If you haven't read the blog post "Shadow Work - a Guide to Knowing Your Inner Darkness" check it out by clicking here . As we learned in the post linked above, the internal human shadow operates p
Sep 20

Click here to view the Lux Process course offered by Moonlux Cove. The course covers material on how our thoughts create our reality, emotional alchemy, conscious detachment and so much more. We are
Aug 30

•• we created Moonlux Cove as a safe place for energy work of all types to be discussed and practiced. the Universe doesn't discriminate and neither do we. •• we aim to raise the vibrational frequency