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Sep 8

Shadow Self Analysis


If you haven't read the blog post "Shadow Work - a Guide to Knowing Your Inner Darkness" check it out by clicking here.


As we learned in the post linked above, the internal human shadow operates precisely as the external human shadow does and could not exist without a partnering light aspect of self. This means all living being derive from a place of light - society, overactive ego and fear of scarcity are just some root causes of the darkest parts of human nature. The purpose of the Shadow Self Analysis is to start a discussion of dark human behavior in order to understand how thought-form energy creates our perspective reality.


Admitting to ourselves the things we would rather deny allows us to create space for a new, light version of ourselves.


As a discussion starter, I'll share some of my own shadow aspects with you and how I went about healing and integrating them.


-My first biggest shadow issue before I started on the path of light was, in layman's terms, how I perceived the world. Despite all of the science courses I had taken in high school, I never considered the seriousness of the laws of energy; that it cannot be created or destroyed, only transmuted. I knew that, but never thought once to apply it to life and also to death. Once I did, a mass shift in perspective occurred. I understood that there was not just darkness and nothingness after death - that consciousness, being energy, must always be recycled back into life. This is a profound realization, and indisputable once you start truly waking up.


-Another shadow aspect of myself that I have dealt with and integrated is the idea that I need to be able to please everyone - and if I cannot, I deserve to be punished and treated like garbage by those same people. The shadow can truly be this simple. Another thing I would like to make clear is that although this is a trait where I was attempting to be a good person, it was out of alignment with my true nature and therefore became a shadow aspect. I know now that I cannot please everyone and that despite that, I do not deserve to be tortured emotionally, by myself or by others, because I am unable to make people feel the way they believe I should be making them feel. It's not that I no longer care, I do. I just refuse to live out of alignment. I realize also that the we are responsible for our own emotions. Relinquishing that control over to others will always end up with one or both parties getting hurt.


SO, after reading about some of my personal shadows, I would love to open the floor for discussion. What do you think some of your personal shadows are? How do you think you could go about healing those shadows?