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Jul 31

Welcome to Moonlux Cove



•• we created Moonlux Cove as a safe place for energy work of all types to be discussed and practiced. the Universe doesn't discriminate and neither do we.

•• we aim to raise the vibrational frequency of every being we come across by opening their mind and healing their heart.

•• we strive for authenticity in all that we do.

Very excited to see this community grow!

thank you kind sir! we're also excited to see where this goes, we hope it can touch the minds and hearts of the masses, ultimately expanding their state of consciousness 💕✨😋 it's not small goal but we got this!

New Posts
  • Autumn has been a very exciting time for Moonlux Cove! We are pleased to share with you that a store front is in the works! We will be located at 614 High St Fairport Harbor, OH 44077 inside My World Better. We plan to be moved in, up & operating by early November. We will have the shop space which will house our crystals, salts and other hand crafted goods. We will also have a space for tarot and reiki appointments to be held. In addition to the shop space, we will be hosting work shops at My World Better so there's plenty to keep an eye out for! We're so excited to explore and grow with you. Happy Healing! Moonlux Cove
  • Click here to view the Lux Process course offered by Moonlux Cove. The course covers material on how our thoughts create our reality, emotional alchemy, conscious detachment and so much more. We are both humbled and excited to teach spirituality in this way. The course is $70 but with discount code LUX333 at check out, you can become a certified Lux practitioner for $35 from now until Halloween.