Law of Harmony: Universal Coordinator.

The Law of Harmony contains seven principles:

1. all that is emitted into the world acts, reacts and returns.

2. all that is attacked, defends itself.

3. all that pleases is accepted.

4. only love can transform beast to man.

5. comprehension prevents destruction.

6. manage situations. do not let situations manage you.

7. the best teacher is the example.

This universal law allows for all creations to coexist with destroying one another.

The key here is harmony, balance and understanding.

Law of Reincarnation And Karma: 0 Balance.

The Law of Reincarnation and Karma states that a soul will reincarnate on earth until there is a 0 balance debt between the soul and the Creator. Each soul who chooses to reincarnate on Earth will experience x amount of life times until it has reached the point of complete expansion (universal consciousness) where it can then transcend third dimensional reality for good, moving onward in the process of the soul.

Before this can happen, many life times will be spent creating debts, paying debts or a combination of both until the soul reaches the point of 0 balance.

Law of Wisdom: the Eraser.

The Law of Wisdom states that learning from our mistakes and utilizing life lessons to become more wise, is the ultimate eraser of karmic debt.

Law of Grace: Get What You Give.

The Law of Grace states that if we are gracious with your love and mercy, love and mercy will graciously be given back to us.

Law of Soul Evolution: The Desire to Expand.

The Law of Soul Evolution states that all souls, whether they are aware of it or not, have coded into their DNA the desire to learn and expand spiritually. Each life time is spent learning, experiencing and growing for the sole purpose of expansion. This is soul evolution.

Law of Bodhisattva: the Lightwork Law.

The Law of Bodhisattva states that there are souls that transcend the need to experience earthly incarnations but choose to come back to assist in the ascension of humankind. This law suggests that not one soul is free until all souls are free.

Law of Vibrational Attainment: Alchemy.

The Law of Vibrational Attainment states that energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transmuted. In life terms, this means that while your physical body will die and cease to exist, your soul cannot do the same; it cannot die, only reincarnate or move forward in the process of evolution. Your soul is the force that animates you - your body is simply a vessel.

Law of Free Will: Perspective

The Law of Free Will operates in 3 ways.

1. although many events in life are astrologically predetermined, we will always have the free will to decide how those events will affect us on a personal level. we can minimized disharmonious experiences with destiny by being gracious, loving, compassionate and merciful towards yourself and others.

2. as we develop deeper awareness and understanding, we are affected less deeply by events outside of your control.

3. we choose how we respond in any given situation. responding positively to negative situations suggests healing and/or resolution of karmic debt.

Law of One: Collective Consciousness

The Law of One suggests that every soul, living or otherwise, is connected through the Godhead.

Law of Manifestation: Bringing Ideas to Life

The Law of Manifestation states that our physical reality is formed from thought. experience and belief systems which then create the reality that we perceive. learning to change our perception will ultimately change our reality.

Law of Conscious Detachment: Suffering Caused by Resistance

The Law of Conscious Detachment states that while we should change what we can if we're unhappy with it, we should not let that which we cannot control change how we perceive God and our human experience which is lived by Him through us.

Becoming consciously detached from that which hurts us is not turning a blind eye to hate, ignorance and other horrors of the world. It's about not allowing ourselves to become victims to our own human experience.

Law of Gratitude: Love and Graciousness Above All

The Law of Gratitude states that the more you give, the more you will receive. The more we assist others, the more we assist ourselves. Love, compassion and forgiveness have a ripple effect.

Law of Fellowship: Similar Vibrations Attract Similar Vibrations

The Law of Fellowship states that when two or more people of similar vibrations come together with a common goal their energies are x2, x3 even x4 more powerful than if each person were to seek to achieve the same goal alone in different areas.

This is why churches, covens, healing groups, cults and other like-minded groups always find themselves bound together.

Law of Reflection: How You Respond to Others

The Law of Reflection states that the traits we respond or react to in others, we must first recognize in ourselves. Positive and negative traits alike.

4 manifestations of The Law of Reflection in reality:

1. that which we admire in others, we recognize as existing within our self; 2. that which we resist and react to strongly in others is also found within our self; 3. that which we resist and react to in others is something which we are afraid exists within us; 4. that which we resist within ourselves, we will dislike in others.

Law of Unconditional Love: Love Creates Harmony

The Law of Unconditional Love states that unconditional love, or the act of accepting those in our lives for who they are without judgment or expectation, is the doorway to a harmonious existence. It is total surrender and acceptance of all that is.

Law of Magnetic Affinities: Soul Contracts

The Law of Magnetic Affinities states that we choose everything about our life while at the Godhead, up to and including our time / place of birth and the family that we are born into. During this time, we also choose other souls to interact with during our earthly incarnation. The astrological configuration of your birth will play a part in determining our character, personality, abilities, restrictions, and strengths / weaknesses.

Law of Abundance: Paradise Within

The Law of Abundance states that we are born with everything we need inside of us. Tapping into our internal magic allows us to manifest paradise (heaven) into our physical reality.

Law of Divine Order: Everything Is as It Should Be

The Law of Divine Order states that everything is as it should be; all of life is unfolding within divine timing. There are no mistakes or accidents. Every experience, good or bad, is designed specifically for you and your soul evolution.

Remember, not everything bad in your life is happening TO you. Some things are happening FOR you.

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