2020 Predictions

Energetically, 2020 is resonate to the frequency of the Tower card in tarot. With this resonance, we find destruction, a dualistic culmination of differences which demand to be solved, activation of divine feminine power, system failures & more. I’m writing this article on the 27th day of January. It is a compilation of what I believe will unfold as the Sun makes its yearly cycle around the Earth. 


We seek freedom but fear being lonely. Collectively, we are a species unable to find joy in being alone with ourselves; alone in our own minds. We look outside of ourselves constantly for happiness, salvation and purpose. It is what is perceived as “normal.” 

2020 is about shedding that aspect of ourselves; which, in turn, will activate or reclaim lost power. We must surrender to the universal fact that true happiness can only be cultivated in an authentic fashion when we switch from searching externally for it to healing on an internal level; one where our hearts and minds are living in alignment with one another.

When we authentically drop into and operate from the heart center, we battle the standard set before us by a sick society. This heart centered way of living leads to an integration of the two integral parts of ourselves: the part of ourselves that seeks freedom but fears loneliness and the part of ourselves that craves connection but fears loss of autonomy. 

To transcend the preprogrammed separateness we are all coded with at birth, the separateness that keeps us distant from all that is divine, we must be willing to dive deeply into our shadows to discover the truth. That we are less lonely than we appear or feel at any given time. There is, in fact, a divine order to the chaos. As ferociously as castles crumble is as beautifully as they can be rebuilt. 


•the divine feminine aspect of self (this goes for both men and women) 

•the interconnectedness between yourself and other living beings 

•the potential for growth amidst chaos


•small mindedness

•egotism / a self serving attitude 

•fear of lack / ideals of separateness 


We are in a place in our perceivable reality where the Tower card in tarot is resonant. We are being guided to experience deep bouts of fear as a divine force sparking drastic change in how we live and perceive the world on a collective level. 

The last time the U.S. was resonant with this card was on September 11, 2001. As you know if you're familiar with tarot, The Tower signifies destruction and chaos. In 2001, the Tower was embodied in physical reality with the infamous attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. 

Although I do not perceive a physical tower crumbling, a blatant omen of the Towers resonance, I do perceive a failure in systems we have come to know and “trust.” 

These systems include health care, education and government. 

Please know that I’m not relaying this information to instill fear into your heart (although that is the purpose for the intense energies that the year has started off with.) 

Rather, it is my goal to prepare you for that which may unfold. We are being guided by source to acknowledge the two sides of the coin. The secondary face of all that we, again, know and “trust.” We can only do this by accepting that all things in our reality are dualistic in nature and nothing is as simple or absolute as it may seem. 

Duality is defined as two forces in opposition: good vs bad, light vs dark, yin vs yang, feminine vs masculine, etc. It is normal for human beings to understand the difference between “right” and “wrong.” But the truth is that a lot of the things that we perceive as right or wrong are not either of those things when looked at from an objective place. 

From that objective place, we realize nothing is predominantly good or predominantly bad. Most things just.. are. As a rule of thumb this year, try to acknowledge the things in your life that you would typically perceive as bad as serving or growing you in one way or another. 

This year is tied energetically to showing us the darkest depths of the human psyche and the systems that keep us “functioning like a well oiled machine.” We will experience suffering, but like Jesus Christ, through the way of suffering, we will find enlightenment on a more grand scale than at any time in our history. 

In 2012, energetic shifts took place that started us on this path towards transcendence of duality. Moving into 2020, we are closer than ever to cracking the codes that allows the truths of the universe to become available to those who seek them at an instant. It is a time where, despite the installation of fear due to failed systems, we are all beginning to turn to the same page.



•fear as a catalyst for change

•intuitive hits you may not have trusted in the past


•allowing fear to rule your reality

•trusting systems without question 

•judgement / bias