Carl Jung understood the archetypes of the Major Arcana as the psychic counterpart of nature; aka human instinct. Although he has never directly related the tarot to his work, we can begin to see the correlations. Carl Jung's work allows humanity to easily map the human psyche.

Jung created his own psychological archetypes, which contain within them themes and universal teachings that perfectly coincide with the 22 archetypes from the Major Arcana.

The first one is the Self which is actualized in tarot by the fool, the world and, when necessary, the hanged man cards. Through this Jungian archetype and cards within the tarot we begin to peel back our conditioned layers to reveal eternal truth of our essence.

Then, we have the Anima and Animus actualized collectively in tarot by the Lovers and The World cards. From this, we learn that love is ultimately the highest vibrational emotion that can be experienced. We understand the love saves and heals on an individual as well as a collective basis.

The Anima itself holds the High Priestess, Strength, and the Empress. This archetype reminds us to embrace, unapologetically, the innate divinity that exists within the female expression.

The Animus itself holds the Emperor, the Hierophant and the Hermit. This archetype reminds us to embrace our need to observe, sense, and form structures and logic in our lives, versus the intuitive and deep emotional understanding of the anima.

Then we have the Persona. This is the face we show the world and is actualized in tarot by the Magician. It is how we present ourselves to others and how we want to be known and what role we want to play in our society. Jung believed that mentally and physically healthy individuals were able to be flexible in their persona that they attach to - as they tend to deeply understand the varied versions of the self.

Lastly, is the Shadow, actualized in tarot by Death and the Devil cards. This is the part of ourselves that we reject - aspects of ourselves that we would like to remain hidden. Shadows are the archetypal foundations for monsters, demons, evil, the works. A part of becoming a mature person and society is understanding the darker aspects of ourselves, not rejecting them. Through this archetype we learn to transcend our egoic fears and embrace the true nature of reality.

0. The Fool - is naive and childlike, moving through the world and viewing it with wonder as he adventures through life. He may be clever, speaking his truth, using humor to get out of or cope with certain situations.

The Magician - is a messenger and a conduit for the heaven and earth realms. Wise, thoughtful, reflective, healing, contemplative, and transformative. As a master of technology, the Magician knows how to manipulate the elements. And as such, he possesses great power to create.

The High Priestess - holds all the hidden and forbidden knowledge in the Universe. Feminine & intuitive, The High Priestess is the subconscious aspect of self. She can reveal her shadow essence while remaining calm, grounded, and receptive towards feelings, thoughts, and obstacles that arise.

The Empress - enables deep connection with the feminine aspect of self. The word femininity may be translated into several ways like: beauty, fertility, creativity, love, wisdom, joy, nurturing, caring, etc. The Empress wants  to be connected with feminine power, forcing those in her archetype to listen to their intuition.

The Emperor - has the power of giving life to his world, his territory. He represents wisdom and age, and of course, the wisdom that comes with age. His powers are irresistible, but his wisdom allows him to make the right choices.

The Hierophant - is intensely loyal and conscientious, the personality represented by the Hierophant likes for experiences to have a specific purpose. Faith is a practical matter to the Hierophant, who enjoys the stability of ritual; spiritually authorative - a mentor, guide, shaman or teacher.

The Lovers - is embodied in physical reality by those who we might consider “hopeless romantics.” Those people who have incredibly romantic notions about life. For a hopeless romantic, a Lovers archetype, life = love.

7. The Chariot - is an ambitious individualist. The personality represented by the Chariot is that of a hero. This person may appear in physical reality as a military person or positive polarity political person. Those who, as Carl Jung might say “gain the independence to be a nonconformist, while also gaining the self-assurance to be a conformist. He is not driven to conform to custom, but he is equally not driven to defy it”

8. Strength - A person who embodies the Strength tarot card is someone who perseveres despite all obstacles. These are the people you know who have seen the absolute darkest darkness this planet has to offer and still wake up daily, ready to continue on. Almost as if the darkness rolls right off their shoulders. 

9. The Hermit - The embodiment of the Hermit in physicality is the “lone wolf” type. The people who enjoy their alone time, likely to recharge - the introverted. However, contrary to popular belief, those who embody the Hermit does not turn his back on humanity - instead, they observe, absorb, processes, analyze, and, ultimately, learn from all of his experiences.

10. Wheel of Fortune - is a fortuitous card in the Major Arcana - those who embody the Wheel of Fortune are the type of people who constantly seek and experience the unknowns. This might appear in physical reality as a person who seeks thrills - the type who jumps out of an airplane or buys random plane tickets and skidaddles on out of here.

11. Justice - Someone who embodies Justice, was, most likely, the kid on the playground who tattled when something was awry or unfair. Not because they are looking to get anyone in trouble but because they see chaos and pain and seek to have fairness and truth bring order to cause. Someone who embodies Justice is both intuitive and logical.

12. The Hanged Man - The Hanged Man can be embodied in physical reality in a couple different ways. This person can be someone who makes deep sacrifices, like a military person (who may also embody the chariot) does when they choose to leave their home or a spiritual person, who is learning to surrender to the “all there is” that life has to offer. This could also appear in physical reality as a person who is caught up in the past or “suspended in time.”

13. Death - Death, for those of you who are unfamiliar with the tarot, probably seems like a terrifying card. However, Death, from my perspective, is all about transformation; symbolic, like the caterpillar turned butterfly during a process known as metamorphosis. Someone who embodies death understands that both their pleasures and pains have a higher purpose. 

14. Temperance - A person who embodies Temperance are those who are patient, balanced and do all things in moderation - approaching life with caution and reverence; on the opposite polarity, Temperance could be someone who is over indulgent and impatient.

15. The Devil - like Death, the Devil can be incredibly intimidating to those of us who don’t read cards. However, like Death, the Devil is full of sacred teachings that are waiting to be uncovered. The Devil reminds us that our innate desire for material things can lead us to make impromptu decisions, and ultimately sacrifice aspects of our true nature. Someone who embodies the Devil is someone who either is in over their head with material things or someone who is transcending those shadowy, yet natural, desires that no longer serve them and integrating the shadow aspects that still do.

16. The Tower - in a positive polarity, symbolizes wholeness. In a negative polarity, it symbolizes egoic separateness. A person who embodies the Tower is a person who desires to connect with source or a higher power - whether they make the connection or not depends entirely on them and the choices they make / the perception they have.

17. The Star - is a beacon of hope. When looked at positively, it represents spiritual alignment,  completion of a hard time and certainty. When looked at negatively, it can represent a person who repeats toxic patterns. This will continue until the faith of the individual is restored.

18. The Moon - is our subconscious. All of the unknown and hidden mysteries exist in this position of the Tarot. Someone who embodies the Moon in physical reality is someone who is a dreamer by nature. They can be masterful in delusion (within themselves or towards others) and are highly intuitive and compassionate.

19. The Sun - is the light of consciousness. Those who embody the Sun in physical reality are the people who brighten a room simply by walking into it. They are the people who find joy in the little things in life and are actively engaged in the ascension of humanity - whether they are aware of it or not.

20. Judgment - is a soul who seeks justice in all aspects of their personal life as well as in life in general. Judgment may be embodied in physical reality as a person in the field of law: a judge, lawyer or police officer. These people, on the positive polarity, are responsible, accountable and awake. On a negative polarity, these people are delayed, guilty and fearful of death.

21. The World - is the final card in the Major Arcana and represents true balance and connection. After the trials and tribulations of the Fool's Journey, he has come full circle now. The Fool is back where he started, but time and experience has changed him. He is not who he used to be. A person who embodies the World is someone who is able to utilize the hardships of their life, seeing them as an opportunity for expansion and growth.

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