8/8/2020: Lions Gate Portal Activation

Each year, on or around the 8th of August, there is a cosmic event known as the “Lions Gate Portal” which increases the flow of energy between the physical and spiritual realms. This profound and deeply healing energy allows us to hold space for our light bodies; which, with conscious intent, activate and align during this time. 

According to history, the Lions Gate portal has been celebrated since the time of ancient Egypt, but perhaps even earlier. The Ancients understood, even then, the sacredness and potency of certain planetary alignments.

That is why the Pyramids of Giza are placed directly under Orion's Belt, and the Lions Gate is celebrated when Earth comes into alignment with Sirius. It is no mistake that the Ancients utilized the stars as a means to understanding the world around them.

Scientists have come to understand that the star Sirius is twice as big as the Sun and up to twenty six times brighter, so when it comes into alignment with Earth during the Lions Gate activation period, it appears quite boldly (and beautifully) in our night sky, allowing us to harness its intense energies for deeply transformative healing.

Sirius is symbolic of abundance, while the sign of Leo (where the sun is placed during Lions Gate) is symbolic of heart based connection and access to divine consciousness. 

Learning to pick up on the (not-so) subtle vibrations of potent planetary placements will allow us to harness these energies in the most valuable and productive way.

As we begin this next cycle, it is in our benefit to frequently check in with ourselves surrounding our intentions and what we are calling into our sacred space at this time. 

The energetic blueprint of Leo allows us to anchor these potent ascension codes within the depth of our being; ultimately shifting our conscious awareness from a “lack,” mindset, to a mindset of abundance. 

During this time, you may find yourself “downloading,” lots of information with seemingly no source. These knowings and intuitive hits are reassurance from the universe at large that this shift in consciousness is welcomed and, in fact, encouraged. 

This year, I feel the Lions Gate will be particularly potent as 2020 has been.. well.. 2020. I sense the universe calling to all lightworkers, shadow workers, healers, shamans and consciousness experts of all kinds to become aware of these energies so they can absorb, then share, the activation codes with those around them. 

This will act as a means to an end; catapulting the mass shift in consciousness from the aforementioned “lack,” state to a state of abundance. Trust that we are not just experiencing this shift on an individual level, but on the collective level as well. 

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