Advice for Times of Chaos (Corona Virus 2020)


(or perhaps just generally good advice)

• be courteous to others. take only what you need. go out only when necessary. wash your hands.

• attempt to switch or shift your perspective. fear and judgement only act to keep us separate. do your research and understand the difference between fact and opinion. if it's all too much, take a step back from social media, from the situation and be still.

• bringing us to stillness. stillness, presence, mindfulness. whatever you want to call it, it is essential for maintaining a healthy mindset during times of chaos. understand that you are not your thoughts. you are allowed, and, in fact, encouraged, to disidentify with and release thought processes that no longer serve you at this time.

• declutter. i read once that our sacred space typically reflects our internal space. this suggests that depression, anxiety, fear etc may manifest in your reality as a cluttered, hoarded or dirty home. after a few moments of stillness, take the time to declutter, reorganize and clean. i guarantee your emotional and mental bodies will thank you.

• feel your body. this is a grounding exercise that has brought me back into my body from a high anxiety, disassociated space many many times. hold your hands on your heart and solar plexus areas. breathe into those spaces deeply. consciously. intentionally. this is also an act of unconditional self love.

• express gratitude for all that you are; a multidimensional being. a soul living a human experience. pray. meditate. you are here, in this moment. it is important to understand that this moment is not only the only thing that is real but it is also incredibly beautiful, divine and in perfect order.

• take comfort in knowing destruction and chaos are always met with an equal and opposite reaction. beautiful days are coming. 🌸