Today I am being guided by Spirit to talk about truth. More specifically, our ability to grasp a concept vs our ability to adopt a concept as our own personal truth.

As human beings, we all have certain.. adopted truths, if you will. Truths that were fed to us from birth that we believe because it has been true for us up until this point.

If you're reading this, it's likely that previous sentiment has sent certain ideas running through your head that you're questioning the validity of now. You probably feel torn, or confused or even betrayed. That's because two seemingly integral parts of yourself are in opposition to one another. The part of yourself that has identified with the labels and ideals you have been fed from birth and the part of yourself that is multidimensional and divine by nature.

Broken down further, the part of yourself that is in opposition to your curiosity in regards to this topic is probably resistance. We become resistant to hearing concepts outside of our realm of perspective when that concept threatens our current reality; even when that current reality is out of alignment with our highest good.

We often toss out the validity of a claim that is outside of our understanding because it is uncomfortable to question all that we believe we know. Just as it is uncomfortable to admit that we were wrong and to change our perspective accordingly, without resistance.

The key to claiming a truth as our own is to utilize free thought (intuition) and to attune to our bodies; allowing us to hear and listen to them accordingly. This is innerstanding.

When we start seeking external validation for a belief, we must stop and dive inwards to feel out the situation and make sure that we are not simply accepting a misaligned truth as our own for the sake of keeping the peace with others who we fear may not accept our version.

An important thing to remember is that we can discard beliefs that we once had in exchange for new beliefs that are in more authentic alignment with our souls purpose and mission on Earth. So before you immediately discard your current belief system, try it on for size. And I mean truly. Be active in what those beliefs entail so you can see what works for you and what does not within that belief. If you are dissatisfied, move on. Spirit yearns for you to connect with and work with it. As an individual, your path will not look like the path of the brother or sister next to you. We are multifaceted and as so, I believe Spirit wants us to take what works for us as sovereign individuals so we can learn to celebrate our oneness while acknowledging our individuality. No herd mentality, brainwashing or religious boxes.

Walking with Spirit can be a lonely path because not all we interact with will be able to understand our authenticity, our reclamation of power and / or our innate ability to walk in our personal truth.

Learning to remain uncompromised in the face of adversity is one of the most divine experiences a human being can have. When we know ourselves so wholly (holy) that we are unbothered by the differences in another persons truth.

Spirit guides you to shift, grow & add all that you can to your spiritual arsenal. All truth outside of oneness is subjective. We must think, live & love for ourselves and in service to mankind in our own divine timing. You are not a heretic or a blasphemer for thinking outside of the box. You are a divine extension of God themself.

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