*Scene fades in. We see Jesus Christ and the Sun at a round table in the cosmos. To paint this picture more clearly, this galactic table is made of stardust and excess nebulous. They sit together there, energetic orbs of light, peering down upon humanity while nonchalantly sipping their morning coffee.. or is it night? Time doesn't exist here so I couldn't really tell you.. Anyway, there they sit having one of many enlightening conversations.. Let's tune in..*

*The Sun, mid sentence*

“ wasn't until Thoth had that one Greek guy chisel the Emerald Tablets that I had any hope for these gangley mother fuckers. How could they so blind, Jesus? I mean, really?”

*the Sun scoffs.*

*Jesus chuckles, then begins to speak.*

“Our Father did always have a funny way of making sure humanity ascends the way it's meant to..”

*Jesus peers off into space, continuing quite seriously.*

“Ya know, Sun, the people of Earth have spent so many lifetimes searching for meaning that they've somehow managed to over analyze every ancient teaching ever? They've got a label for everything, a little box for everything. Boxes filled to the brim with ignorance and hate.. Do you know how tired I am of being blamed for how these guys live and interpret that crazy Bible book? It's some down right BS..”

*The Sun takes a moment to consider what Jesus has said. She pulls a doobie made from the dankest dark matter in all the galaxies and sparks it up, passing it to Jesus while asking..*

“Jesus, why do you think you were sentenced to live a life on Earth equivalent to Hell? Really though? Uhh.. I mean, no offense.”

*Jesus chuckles again and replies,*

“I was born to teach and to lead. It was one of Fathers many attempts to show humanity that unconditional love and magic exist..”

*Jesus takes a long drag from the dark matter doob and exhales.*

“When I created miracles, the people whose lives I had touched rejoiced.. I saved them from death, starvation, disease by teaching unity, yoga and even spiritual alchemy. Yet I was still betrayed by those I called brother. Not everyone could believe that I was the son of God, despite the miracles I had performed. I tried to tell them that they were my brothers and my sisters.. But they had already made up their minds. So they cast their judgements and they laughed at me, spat on me and eventually tortured me to death. I was a considerable catalyst on Earth as my bloodshed made Father realize how deep the evil can truly go within these human-beings.. My death was when humanity became disconnected from divinity.”

*the Sun, in awe at Jesus’ words and fuzzy from the dark matter, shed a singular tear, creating an intense rainstorm on the Earth below them.*

“So your father did all of that on purpose? Sent you there to experience an epitome of evil and hate? Who is this father of yours anyway?”

*The Sun rolls up her sleeves and cracks her knuckles*

“I’ll take him out for ya.”

*This time Jesus does not chuckle but instead, he cackles. A real cackle; from both his belly and soul, like a witch on Samhain. The Earth below shook.*

“Oh, Sun. What a loyal friend you have been to listen to my story.. To answer your question, my Father is the Father of all.. Because here is the truth, you silly, sweet Sun girl. I am Jesus Christ, the ascended master. But I am also every other ascended master that has ever been and that will ever be in every religion from now until infinity and still even after that. I am every divine being in existence; including you, my Father, the creator, or “Source” as some will come to call him. I am even those humans down there on Earth. Don’t you see, Sun? We are all the same thing.. Our individual experiences create the whole, but energetically? The whole has always been and since we are part of it, so have we.. We are more than just a singular dense body with a singular life to live. Souls cycle and recycle because there's so much on Earth for them to learn. They come here, Home, when they've finished one life and are beginning to plan for the next.

*Jesus takes another long drag and passes the dark matter doob back to the Sun*

“Have you ever lived an Earth life, Sun?”

*The Sun hadn't lived on Earth before so she told Jesus that she hadn’t yet been had the opportunity. They decided that the Sun should be granted a singular life on Earth to experience humanity from a perspective other than that of a giant fireball in the sky. They worked tirelessly; creating a life of chaos for the Sun to go and grow through when she finally decided to make her grand entrance on Earth.*

~End Scene~

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