3rd Dimension (3D) - the Dualistic Plane.

The third dimension is all about the material, the physical. Once we reach adulthood, we turn ourselves on autopilot unconsciously, accumulating materials and living in fear of losing them. As the opposite of love is fear, and 3D is dualistic, we fear plenty of things here in 3D. We fear loss of control, we fear for our security and we fear not being good enough. We don’t trust people because we give other people the power to take away from us. We are ego fueled, power hungry, programmed robots here. We define ourselves on this plane by what we possess and what we do for a living. We believe to be separate from divinity, whatever that is for you, but also from everyone and everything else. As long as we are separate from our divine nature, we cannot experience oneness with all that is. Humans before consciousness believe that death is something painful, dark and finite while the spiritual (and scientific) community might argue that death is not the end of consciousness, merely a transformation of it.

We tend to look for happiness outside of ourselves when we are living resonate with the 3rd Dimension. We believe external stimuli will provide our inner void with wholeness; although that wholeness exists within us already as we were born from it. The purpose of the 3rd Dimension is for human experiences to be experienced. This is the universe attempting to learn and understand itself, reconnecting us with our true nature. When the merge between ego and soul has been made, we are able to vibrate at a higher frequency.

4th Dimension (4D) - the Astral Plane.

The 4th Dimension is the magic world of dreams, also referred to as the astral plane. This dimension is less dense and much more fluid than the 3rd dimension. Time exists but it is not necessarily linear. It can move both forward and backward. 4D hosts the illusion of duality and ego, enabling fear to exist there also but the fear experienced there is not crippling like it can be in 3D. More so like a mirror gently reflecting back to us our internal shadows, allowing for healing to be done while we are asleep - so long as that is our conscious intent.

Imagine time to be a stream of energy hosting all events of one particular timeline – 3rd Dimension reality - all at once. Dreams allow us to experience the past, the present, the future and every possibility in between simultaneously. We usually visit the astral plane naturally during our sleep process, although experienced dream workers and astral travelers report being able to tap consciously into the 4D energy stream while remaining rooted, consciously, to 3D reality.

In our dream states, anything is possible. Animals can be transformed into a people (or vise versa,) we can fly, breathe under water, experience multiple potentials for reality, be in multiple places (or versions of reality) simultaneously and have conversations with the creatures that are 4D resonate. Traveling the astral plane can be insightful for us to learn more about ourselves, our purpose and our fears as we begin to connect with our higher self.

5th Dimension (5D) - the Light Plane.

The 5th dimension is made of pure light, unconditional love, compassion, forgiveness and reverence for all that is. It is a divine state of consciousness, the consciousness we are born into before being programmed by the realms of limitations and duality (the 4th and 3rd dimensions.) 5D is beyond linear time meaning that many different timelines and realities are available for us to access. We can still exist physically on this plane although our bodies become less dense and our cellular structure begins to change. When the physical body is fully transformed there is no pain, there is no fear.

It is the state of unconditional love and abundance manifested into physical reality. Our higher self will be fully integrated into our physical body and becomes the guidance we use to navigate through life. The first time your higher self moves into the physical body fully is quite overwhelming. It is an intense energetic flow of love you have never felt before and everything feels light and at ease. There is no fear, scarcity or judgments. Even if it is for just a split second, we know when it happens because it is so absolutely profound. Before the higher self can be fully rooted into the physical body, the healing of all bodies (mental, emotional and physical) has to be completed.

Our higher selves will slip in and out of consciousness for a while until we are resonate enough with 5D for that aspect of ourselves to move in permanently. You will know when your higher self is integrated when you do not question the flow of the universe and trust your journey without hesitation. We will not feel the need to interfere or try to control that flow of energy in anyway because we are aligned with our divinity; we know at our core that the universe will provide all that we need and that happiness does not exist outside of ourselves - it is from within where we connect with the divine, ourselves and others. In the 5th dimension, all of our thoughts, words and actions are based on love. It is the plane of oneness where we feel the deep interconnection in all things at our very core and operate completely from the heart center.

A human being in their own focused frequency, whatever that may be for you right now personally, is doing many things at one moment. To be authentically multidimensional means to have our reality focus in on multiple dimensions (3rd, 4th, 5th (potentially higher) at one time, consciously. It is important to remember that each dimension is occurring at the same time and that once we learn how, we are able to tap into any single one of these states of consciousness by becoming resonate (vibrationally) with the dimension we wish to play in.

Physically, we are cellular beings. Our hearts are beating, our breath moves through our body. Our brain is sending synapses to the cells within our body, our hair and nails are constantly growing, we hear sounds that the brain is processing as background noise, our eyes are reading the lines of this post.

We are recalling memories or associative images right now simply from reading this material. All of this is happening in our now, in multiple layers, which we can call dimensions.

So while it may be a a foreign concept to consider something as mundane as being hungry as a different dimension from something a bit more complex like reading and processing this material, it is because a dimension is simply a place or a focus of energy that results in our reality.

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