Before I get too deep into this post, I'd like to point out the obvious and state that the universe is incapable of living our lives for us; it is completely up to us to live our lives however we best see fit. This means that fate cannot save us. To make good decisions in this life, we need to understand the difference between fate and free will because life in 3D is a delicate balance between the two.

Fate is the thing that presents us with opportunities while free will determines whether or not we take those opportunities. Fate is destiny that is pre-planned for us, written in the stars at the time of our births. Put another way, fate is all of the potential possibilities for our lives. These possibilities have been carefully mapped out for us and we alone hold the power to decide which opportunities we will embark upon.

It’s all about the actions we do or don’t take when fate shows up at our door. Fate is capable of presenting itself in many ways. A spark of inspiration. An unexpected job offer. A song on the radio that reminds us of something long forgotten. Fate is always presenting us with opportunities, waiting for us to dedicate ourselves to a path and continue down it. Fate is a guide but if we are running on egoic autopilot, chances are, we've missed a few of her signs.

Tips for Bending Fate in Our Favor:

Pay closer attention to our lives—they are trying to tell us something. Fate is constantly bringing you opportunities; you just have to be conscious enough to see them. Slow down and pay attention so you don’t miss fate knocking on your door with glorious opportunity.

We have to act or nothing will change. Fate brings us possibilities but it can’t make us take them. We must be willing to do the hard, inner work to tap into the opportunities of fate.

When it feels like we’re running in circles, it's because we are. We may be using our free will to force an outcome that is not right for us. If we try to force change but it doesn't happen then trust that it isn’t mean to happen and release the attachment to that specific outcome.

Free will is a commonly misunderstood term. In its most common use, organized religions, it refers to doing what is “right” or “wrong” in relation to the different circumstances that appear before us during the course of our lives.

Each one of us has the freedom to create our lives and the circumstances which we experience. There is no higher power which creates our lives for us as we are co-creators and the physical expression of that which created us; free will and fate are not things we have to have shoved down our throats but things we learn about and discover integration techniques for as we grow.

We choose and create our life experiences as well as the experience of the outcomes of those choices. We are here to experience human experiences in order to remember who we truly are at our core; to love and be loved.

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