Fragmentation (noun) is defined as the process or state of breaking or being broken into small or separate parts.

Soul Fragmentation refers to that same process; happening in the subconscious mind or at the deepest depths of the soul. Throughout this article, we will discuss ways to become conscious of our traumas and fragments in order to transcend and / or integrate them. Transcending that which no longer serves us and integrating the useful lessons or messages that exist within all trauma allow us to achieve balance within all bodies; energetic, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

First, it’s important to understand that our inner dis-ease can easily cause physical disease; that is why inner healing work is so important. We are guided by spirit to balance all aspects of ourselves, reclaim our personal power and sovereignty, take responsibility for our Earthly position and heal all that is broken within us.

So what causes fragmentation? Fragmentation, on a physical level, happens in times of distress or trauma. An aspect of your soul will separate from the physical body and retreat into the realm of the unseen - the ether, the astral or the Akashic realms; whatever you would prefer to call it or however it is perceived by you at this time. This is a self-protection mechanism.

Fragmentation happens to everyone; our own births could even be considered a tragic event or trauma. I mean, why else would we come out crying? (A topic for a different article, perhaps?) The level of severity, however, varies from person to person.

For example, one person may be disconnected from their inner child because they wanted to be an artist but mom and dad wanted them to be a lawyer or a doctor. They had that creative aspect of themselves demonized by their parents and therefore, lost or repressed that part of themselves. While that trauma affects the individual until they become aware and embark on a healing journey, this is still considered a mild case. Fragmentation we can all relate to.

But another individual, lets say a person who has undergone severe sexual and physical abuse for the majority of their childhood, may fragment in a more severe way (Dissociative Identity Disorder.) Their traumas were so deep that their consciousness split into alternate states (personalities) as a way to keep the conscious mind or the host alter from reliving and suffering from that trauma.

A lot of the time, whether the case is mild or severe, we are completely unaware of any fragmentation that has occurred within us. Again, this is intentional since we fragment as a way of protecting ourselves from whatever caused the fragmentation in the first place; ie: distress, trauma, ego identity, etc.

Fragmentation can manifest in our realities in many ways, such as:

-depression -feelings of disempowerment -forgetfulness -confusion -numbness

-anxiety / fear -ungroundedness -trouble sleeping ….just to name a few.

These low vibrational, fragmented life experiences and feelings keep us from experiencing and expressing our true nature and highest potential which comes from the love of creation; we are all an extension of that same love and are all fully encompassed in that love. Once you begin inner healing, you may notice entire aspects of yourself are repressed and hidden away. This will either intrigue you or scare the living shit out of you, for lack of better terms and to be completely honest.

In Shamanism, it is believed that one cannot feel complete, whole or truly happy until lost aspects of self are returned to the physical body. I personally believe this to be true as well.

Mild fragmentation, on a soul level, happens when we overly identify with our ego; the “self” that is not actually us but acts as us in physical reality through (over) identification with it. The purpose of our ego is to protect us; make sure all of our basic needs are met and that we have a sense of belonging and groundedness. That is why fragmentation for a childhood abuse victim makes complete sense. An overactive ego, for example, would serve you well if you were being chased by a tiger and were threatened with the prospect of dying but not so much if you are in a simple debate with someone who has a differing view than you.

What is a soul?

The soul is the essence and totality of who we are at our core; it is our truest nature. Our soul is the entity that animates us, moves us, and speaks to us in those profound moments when we need guidance. Our soul can be referred to as our inner voice, intuition or conscience.

So how do we reconnect with lost aspects of our soul?

Inner work practices (or Soul Retrieval in Shamanism) are the best way to reconnect with lost parts of ourselves; they can work along with therapy and medications, if that is your current path towards healing. If you are unsure or uncomfortable doing any of the following without guidance, reach out to your doctor or mental health care provider and run these ideas past them; depending on your level of comfort, you may even ask them to work with you while you try out these modalities. Communication is very important, whether you are working with a physical healer like a doctor, an energetic healer like a reiki practitioner or a mental healer like a psychiatrist.

Here is a list of my personal favorites:

-Movement Work: releases resistance in the body by dancing, flow art, yoga or whatever form of movement serves you best -Ecotherapy: spending time in nature allows us to actualize the interconnectedness between yourself and all that is sentient -Meditative Chanting: I like to meditate and chant to the vibration of the Chakras. This opens, balances and aligns the primary energy centers within the body Root Chakra Seed Mantra – LAM

Sacral Chakra Seed Mantra – VAM Solar Plexus Chakra Seed Mantra – RAM Heart Chakra Seed Mantra – YAM Throat Chakra Seed Mantra – HAM Third Eye Chakra Seed Mantra – OM Crown Chakra Seed Mantra – AUM

-Meditation: clears the mind and grounds the soul / physical body -Art Therapy: creative projects enable soul expression

-Shadow Work: allows us to integrate fragmented and wounded aspects of self and understand the root cause of our traumas; this heals “negative” parts of our personalities on a basic level. On a deeper level, this allows us to heal our emotional, spiritual and mental bodies as well as our physical bodies

-Inner Child Work: reconnects us with the child that exists within all of us; allows us to perceive the world through fresh eyes and to have fun in this physical reality

Like I said, any one of these practices can be used alongside traditional medications and therapies. I recommend picking one or two and working through each process for at least 6 months. Healing is not linear and you are not required to heal at a certain pace. You are a unique expression of love on this Earth and you are encouraged to heal in whatever way best serves you.

Thank you guys for diving into Fragmentation with me. I honor both the light and dark within you that exists within me as well. I hope you find something useful, comfortable or healing from this article. Love and blessings to you all. Namaste.

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