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"if you're sooo enlightened..."?

Since awakening, I've been asked multiple times "if you're soooo enlightened, how and why could you let petty things get to you?"

I thought this question deserved to be answered thoroughly so here we are.

Enlightenment is defined as full comprehension of a situation.

AKA seeing the bigger picture.

Being enlightened spiritually works very much the same way. I see. I understand. I feel.

But it doesn't change the fact that I am human. Does this make sense?

the Dark Night of the Soul refers to the experience of suffering leading to enlightenment (or, in rare cases, enlightenment leading to suffering - some people can't handle the truth at first.)

Now you may be wondering "how could enlightenment cause suffering? It doesn't make sense!" and trust me, I used to be right there with you. However, when you consider what it means to be authentically "woke," as the kids say, it makes perfect sense.

Here are some signs that you may be going through a dark night:

-You feel a deep sadness, verging on despair triggered usually by the state of your life, the people and the world around you. Something is off.

-You feel unworthy. Of what? Life and all of its gifts. At this point the Universes' agenda may still be hidden. You are questioning if anything has a purpose at all.

-You feel lost or condemned to a life of suffering because you are experiencing an increase in empathy. You're feeling EVERYTHING. Even emotions that are not yours - the best thing to learn during this time is separating what emotions are actually yours and what emotions belong to others.

-Your will and self-control is weak. You feel like you're spiraling. But maybe this is all part of the plan?

-You lack interest and find no joy in things that once excited you as the facade of the old world is melting and you are starting to see things for who and what they really are. You are developing new interests to partner with your newly found, Universal gift of empathy.

-You crave the loss of something you never had - you want to return "home," but home does not feel like anywhere you've ever been.

So now you're probably asking yourself "why should I grow spiritually at all, if its inevitably going to lead to some sort of spiritual depression?"

I've asked myself the same question for over a year.

But recently, it all started to click. I know why I had to suffer in my life and I know exactly why I woke up. For me, it led to Moonlux Cove. Creating and investing in a place for all of us to interact and bounce ideas back and forth. It led to me becoming reiki certified, healing circles and books / people I never would have found otherwise.

I have seen worlds in my minds eye.

I have seen my words and actions actively change and save lives.

Waking up can be uncomfortable, but that discomfort is worth sitting in.

The Universe has so many gifts to offer you - its all about your willingness to take them for what they are and utilize them in your daily life.

So no, you and life will not be perfect and yes, the Dark Night is hard (if this phenomena does happen to you,) but you will walk away from it with compassion, reverence and unconditional love for every living being on the planet, including yourself; and that, to me, is worth it.