As we all know, the state of the world has been.. Chaotic, to say the least. Many of us are feeling the affects of this chaos, both good and bad.

Today I'd like to tap into a higher realm to formulate and express some field updates that have come into my conscious awareness recently through what I call "intuitive hits" or "universal downloads."

I have avoided writing these on this platform that we have created in order to maintain a certain outer appearance, but that is no longer serving us as individuals or as healers for the collective. In order to best utilize the gift of the sage, we are being (not-so-gently) guided by spirit to share what we know in order to offer a new perspective on certain topics; including those which are considered both taboo or controversial. That is our mission.

With that being said, lets get started.


To understand spiritual liberation, it is important to first understand the opposite: oppression of the soul.

Spiritual oppression can be looked at like a disease. In spirituality and quickly moving into the world of science, is this idea that diseases in the physical body can be manifested that way through the oppression of the soul. Our bodies: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, are connected; meaning mental illness (dis-ease) can cause physical illness (disease) and vise versa.

Through years of unconscious programming, we begin to disassociate from, or evacuate, our body; leaving behind our true nature and following suit to what is considered "normal," by the same sick society that separated us from our highest potential and our most natural state: the state of unconditional and all encompassing love.

Disassociation from the body leaves room for negative polarity entities to enter our sacred space (auric field) allowing them to occupy and control (hijack) parts of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies which alter our human experience and pull the veil of illusion tightly over our eyes. These negative polarity entities can look like many things in physical reality: addiction, abuse, greed, pedophilia, racism, judgment and hatred, just to name a few. They are our core wounds. The demons that keep us up at nice.

Negative programming is a form of spiritual possession because our sovereignty is hijacked by unseen systems that play a part in how the narrative of the world at large is perceived and processed by human beings who are too trusting by nature. Seeking liberation on all levels means allowing ourselves to be authentic, looking for truth at all costs and doing the deep inner work that allows us to fully reconnect with our innate divinity that has been lost to us on a conscious level.


Spiritual liberation can be easily defined as the shedding of all this not actually you. The labels and identities you have taken on through years of unconscious programming. It is the allowance of vulnerability without resistance. It is the re-connection of our soul to our sacred heart space; where love is everflowing and expansive. Where vision is no longer blurred and clarity is found.


Spiritual awakenings and energetic shifts are happening right now, en masse, all over the world. While this is exciting news for those of us who are deeply embedded in these processes and are working towards a more united world, it can discouraging for those who are struggling on any or all levels (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) and are still experiencing and perceiving life through the veil of illusion.

The veil of illusion can be broken down in physical reality in four parts.

  1. The first part of ourselves that we must consciously work to dissolve to transcend the veil of illusion is martyrdom. It is the realization that transformation in life begins within. From there, we are able to hold ourselves accountable; taking note of our personal biases, our reactions to personal triggers and realizing that how we interact with others is a projection of how we feel about ourselves.

  2. The second part of transcending the veil of illusion is the realization that there is more that exists in the universe that what we can perceive with our five senses. It is surrender to a higher power and an inner promise to heal yourself and others. Trust in this divine force allow it to work with us as a co creator.

  3. The third part of transcending the veil of illusion is the acknowledgement of our natural state. The state of unconditional love, which transcends all illusory labels that we have given ourselves. It is the all encompassing understanding that all that is sentient is one.

  4. The fourth part of transcending the veil of illusion is living in complete authenticity; honoring ourselves and other sentient beings as the beautiful, spiritual creatures that we are. Recognition of the responsiveness of nature is another way to enable the divine force to work with us as a co creator. Remember, working with and becoming one with nature (elements) is the highest frequency form of healing.

We must tap into the realm of the unseen by taking serious and unbiased inventory of our inner worlds. We must be honest with ourselves and ask ourselves the hard and uncomfortable questions.

What programs have we fallen in line with?

What thought processes do we possess that are organic (fully mine) and not forced onto me from my childhood / passed down from the generations before me?

What behaviors do I partake in that hold me back or keep me in a negative polarity emotional cycle? What emotions do I feel that actually do not belong to me at all?

Honestly answering questions like these allows us to see ourselves authentically and with compassion. While we are multidimensional, divine beings, we are also human and there truly is a certain beauty in that.

Love and compassion for self and other is vital during these trying times where nothing is certain. It is through this inner work where we learn to love ourselves and can begin to properly express that same love out into the world at large. This is the heart of change, so ride the wave.

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