Journal Prompt Entry "I Feel the Most Passionate When...

I feel the most passionate when I seek knowledge.

As I grow, I’ve come to understand that there's a natural balance in the world around us. A rhythmic system; a soft hum that plays itself out infinitely and objectively - over and over again, forever.

Natural laws - from the large things in our universe like the way the Earth cycles between day and night, or the way the seasons change - down to the smallest of things, like a molecule or an atom that are naked to the human eye and yet, simultaneously, make up the base of all matter.  

I’m coming to understand that our time here is but a blip in our existence as multidimensional beings. I believe that when our Earth is no more, that which has always been, will continue to be - with or without physical human beings to sit in their ego and watch it happen.

 So what can we do with our lives that are, in the grand scheme, equivalent to nothing more than a moment? 

We can love. Laugh. Cry. Scream. Feel pain, pleasure, desperation and everything in between. 

We can experience the human experience and learn to see our pain as intentional, so long as we let that pain fuel our fire as opposed to allowing that pain to dim our light. 

I feel the most passionate when I seek knowledge - because in that search, I have come to realize that I know nothing at all; and that’s okay because now I can spend my life learning to love and honor myself and all that is sentient by learning to live in a state of genuine authenticity; which I believe will allow me to align with what is meant for me on a soul level. 

I feel the most passionate when I seek knowledge, because in the surety of my unknowing, I perceive infinite potential. There is no one ideal, belief or box that can contain my Am-ness. I simply just am.

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