Separateness & Conscious Detachment

Separateness, or the feeling of being small and alone in this giant, interconnected world, is a mental symptom of the human shadow. We perceive ourselves as being separate from the Earth, from others whom we share the Earth with and even from our own authenticity. We are programmed to believe that we live and die alone which causes us to act in ways that are not in alignment with our true nature.

Our true nature is to experience each moment as they happen, viewing life with compassion, reverence and unconditional love. In the grand scheme of things, spiritually and cosmically speaking, the experience of our birth, death, everything in between and our rebirth, (and so on and so forth,) are just a blip in existence. It is the collective experience of being human as a whole. We are all one small part of the bigger picture. Each life time is a single photo in the giant mosaic that is life in the 3rd Dimension.

Conscious detachment allows us to view situations in our life without judgement or bias. When we are consciously detached, we are able to:

-Create our reality by planting seeds of positive intention without being attached to the results.

We know that the universe is listening and our intentions may be filled, perhaps just not how we anticipated it would be and that's okay. Not everything in life is happening to you. It's happening for you.

-See the world and the people in it for who and what they really are.

We are able to do this despite a person's perceived innate "goodness," or "badness." We now understand that good and bad are dualistic perceptions. From a place of higher consciousness, good and bad do not exist. We are not good or bad at our core. We just are.

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