Throughout our time on Earth, we will come across many people. Some we are instantly drawn to and some we are able to forget about and move on from quite easily.

Those we are instantly drawn to are likely souls that were contracted to us from the Godhead. These contracts are written before our birth; intentionally bringing us people and experiences that are meant to challenge and grow us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

That's not to say every person we are contracted to is going to cause problems in our lives- in fact, many of these soul contracts, whether perceived by us in the moment as predominantly good or predominantly bad, are here simply to expand our consciousness; assisting us in the remembering of who we are at our core which is eternal, multidimensional beings.

The important thing to remember about soul contracts is that we choose every person we connect with and every experience (that deals with ourselves personally, anyway.)

Our souls opt out of certain experiences during our life time because human experience is the means by which God attempts to learn and understand Himself. For example, if you were a wealthy black man in a previous life, it is within the interest of your soul evolution to experience life as a poor, homeless white woman in the next.

If you've made it this far and are still confused, trust me. I get it. So let me explain further. I'm sure if you've experienced trauma in your life, you're saying "I didn't sign up for that. My soul wouldn't have contracted itself to pain, suffering and trauma. That makes no sense!"

But the truth of the matter is that it does and, potentially, you did. Earthly traumas such as abuse, addiction, war, poverty, death, sickness etc - are also part of the method by which God comes to learn and understand Himself. As I said in a previous post, we can't experience the full spectrum of the goodness of light without having the depths of darkness to compare it to.

Unfortunately, a lot of the things that are fated (predetermined / within Gods will) is directly opposed by those of us who are unwilling to accept a spiritual nature to reality.

This means you may get caught up in bad situations that are outside of the will of God, but that He accepts because He loves each and everyone of us enough to instill free will into our beings.

So for example, if you are destined to meet someone, to grow and learn with them as a genetic equal, but they consciously choose to cheat on you or ignore you, it is important to understand that it is within their free will to do those things and within your free will to walk away. Even things that are fated have the potential to fall through once it is no longer an idea at the Godhead, but happening right here and now on Earth.

Although that may not have been your Higher Self and God's original intention when sending this person your way, it is through free will that both souls in the scenario take what they can in order to learn, grow and heal as sovereign individuals.

Essentially what I mean is that God will utilize our contracts and act as a guiding hand throughout the entirety of our life's experience but He will never force us to do, feel or experience one thing over another.

Every human experience that has already happened, is currently happening and will happen in the future are considered when soul contracts are being written and signed. This is just one example of our deep interconnectedness.

We live in a dimension of duality; good, bad. light, dark. male, female. conscious, unconscious. This is duality.

Duality is an important fundamental concept for this Earth because once we transcend duality, we transcend the third dimension (that which we perceive with our five senses) entirely and are no longer be tied down by contracts, karma or opposition.

Whatever people and experiences are contracted to you are, simply, a reflection of where you still have room to heal, learn or grow.

When we start to awaken and understand the concept of soul contracts: what they are, why they exist and how we are able to transmute the experience from a "negative," to a "positive," we are able to cut ties with the contracts that are no longer relevant to our growth or those which no longer serve us or assist us in our expansion.

It is important to understand soul contracts so you can find the purpose and value in every person and experience you have in your life despite the "goodness," or "badness," of those things. Soul contracts help us heal, integrate, assist, actiate and connect with others when their full potential is understood.

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