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The Akashic Records is an energetic imprint of all that has ever happened, is currently happening or will happen in the future. Simply put, it is a library filled to the brim with infinite potential and information. The Akashic Records exist in a dimension separate from our own; depending on the perception of the person you are talking to. Those who are highly attuned to the frequency of the library may perceive the true essence of their own* reality at all times.

There are so many ways to access the records, that we are reminded by practitioners world wide not to get stuck on one modality. For example, astral projection may work well for some people and not others. Basically, we are guided to choose the approach that is the most efficient and comfortable for each of us as individuals.

When embarking on an Akashic journey, there are a few things to keep in mind as well as “rules” to follow. Understand that accessing the records is not a privilege because the universe does not discriminate. This informational energy is available to all who seek it. However, you cannot enter the records if you intend to do so only out of curiosity or for any malicious reason; it has been said best this way “the motivation is more critical than the skill.”

*Among these rules also includes the Laws of Autonomy / Sovereignty. Read for yourself first and foremost; seek to grow and to understand who YOU are on a soul level.

Never read children. Never read someone without their consent.

The Gatekeepers, or energetic entities that exist within the Akashic, have the right to deny anyone access to the records if their intentions do not align with the vibration of “know thyself.” This is the reason most people seek access to the Akashic and why most people are allowed to perceive what exists there. Of course, consent is everything and you may be granted access to another person's record so long as their soul has agreed to being read.

Something that may be difficult for some people to understand is the idea that our soul is infinite. That likely, this earthly incarnation that you are in now is one of hundreds, if not thousands, of life times that you have lived, experienced or perceived.

At birth, we begin to forget the truth of our divine nature. Where we came from, where we are going when we “die,” every human experience that we have ever had, the karma (both good and bad) that we have accrued. We lose awareness of these things because we choose to. We choose to come back time and time again and we choose to seek truth, experience and expansion in each of those life times.

It is through past life regressions and work in the Akashic field that we can begin to see the duality of our experience. We can understand why things play out for us the way that they do on a larger scale.

An example: the soul of a wealthy white man choosing to reincarnate as a poor black woman. It is a completely opposite experience for which the soul can learn something new, make new connections and grow or expand in some way. The purpose of the world we live in is for the soul to experience DUALITY, OPPOSITION and EXPANSION. Earth is basically a soul school.

It is my personal belief that every soul that exists will experience every human life that has ever, is currently or will exist in the future. This theory can potentially be confirmed with the Law of Mirroring which states that each person we meet is a reflection of ourselves in some way. That which we resist in another, we deny in ourselves. That which we appreciate in another, we wish we possessed so on and so forth.