A Message From The Fae

In healing, we hear a lot about angels, spirit guides, ascended masters. Those who are here to assist humanity with the will of the divine. Today, I’d like to talk to you about faeries. The beings who are not quite human, and are not quite angels. Who they are, why they’re here and why not all of us are able to perceive them. I have received these messages from one of my Faerie guides who calls themselves Casia. These are channeled messages and may not translate exactly.

Faeries are creatures who reside just beyond the veil of illusion - the 4th dimension - although at one point, they were completely integrated with human society. This was what humans would perceive as “long ago.” However, where the Fae come from, time is not quite linear like it is in our dimension - the 3rd dimension - so this time is currently happening and no longer happening at one time. Not to confuse you, so.. Moving forward.

The Fae made the decision to “escape,” the 3rd dimension to a realm between realms because of how humans evolved and their innately dark nature, that got worse over time. They were taken aback and disgusted with the chaos we brought to this Earth in the form of abuse (of other humans, animals, Earth herself and of power), war and the fear of humanity weaponizing their powers.

Unlike angels, the Fae are capable of experiencing ego, although they are substantially better and more balanced when it comes to making decisions and passing judgments.

Faeries, in short, are what angels and spirit guides are for humans, for the Earth. They are here to mentor and guide plants, animals and minerals. They observe and judge a person from beyond the veil based on their energetic patterns. How you treat the environment / animals will play a huge part in what kind of Fae experience you may have.

Operating from the heart center and experiencing love for not only yourself but for the Earth mother and all who live upon her, will enable the Fae to enter your path, allowing you to view the world and the people in it with childlike wonder, making life both playful and fun.

Operating from a state of fear or greed, abusing Earth and her residents, may enable the Fae to enter your path abruptly to forcefully teach you difficult (but necessary) lessons.

If you are deeply connected to nature, it is likely that one of your guides is a faerie. You may perceive them in nature in human form - think Tink - but it is more likely that you will experience them as shimmers, dense orbs, dragonflies or other bug like creatures.

Positive polarity Fae experiences will inspire you to love, play, dance, sing and experience. Dark polarity Fae experiences usually appear in physical reality as tricks being played, often mis-perceived as disdain towards a specific person from God or Source.

You can attune to the frequency of the Fae by respecting nature; other humans, animals, plants and minerals alike.

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