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when you start to see just how powerful you are...

when you start to see just how powerful you are, you can never go back. you can only let fear keep you standing still or you can move forward and reclaim every inch of that power, unleashing your internal and infinite divinity.

what kind of world would we lived in if everyone realized they were god?

(i mean if you are the creator of your own reality, how are you not?)

it is my belief that everything in existence derives from a singular Source of energy or consciousness. you, myself, the land that your home resides on, the river you played in as a child. if that Source can be broken down into trillions of smaller consciousness' creating the world we know today, then how can any individual thing be separate from any other individual thing? if we all come from the same Source, then there is no separateness and to believe that you are better or worse than your neighbor is a sad and sick illusion. to speak or act violently, without thought or in such a way that you are playing the role of the martyr is a sad and sick illusion. your words are spells and everything you say, the actions you take and the energy behind those things are taken into serious consideration by the Universe.

we are all of equal value, of equal importance. no matter how big or small every action you make is - it is important. it is impacting your life and the lives of future humans you will never meet.

if everyone collectively woke up and began to see what i mean, we could slowly begin to heal the Earth and our collective human psyches while simultaneously shedding the collective human ego.

(collective ego death would mean the eventual end of war, poverty, hunger etc)

we could find divinity and live up to our highest of potentials. we could exist in love, light and truth. a state of acceptance for all that is - offering life no resistance; complete and utter surrender but in the strongest of ways. a state of forgiveness towards yourself, those who have hurt you and forgiveness towards circumstance. unconditional love for yourself, for the others inhabitants of the planet and simply for the opportunity to live this human existence. but most importantly, a state of inner peace and a joy that one who remains unconscious is unable to experience. where nothing can hurt you, where things are what they are but they are always good. where lessons are learned and wisdom is obtained.

where you are only what you are in every moment as they occur and nothing else.

no labels. no separation.

no unhappiness.

just peace, self mastery and the purest joy.

so consider what i'm saying here and reclaim your power.

find your godself and begin to see things through clear eyes.