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January 20 - February 18


PLANET: Uranus

PHRASE: “I know”




a stone of growth, hope, and renewal; carries with it a unique open perspective supporting vitality within the heart and soul. A unifying stone that enhances the ability to utilize patience both within the self and others, while simultaneously aiding Aquarians in seeing with more memory, mental clarity, compassion and inner wisdom. 



a stone that assists Aquarians in connection with their intuition and spiritual enlightenment- in doing so helping them determine the most positive direction to travel on their path. Amethyst also aids in easing any stress or frustration that tends to correlate their dire need to change the world, giving them the patience they need as they wait for others to catch up to their level of perception.



a nurturing stone that incites the empathy Aquarians need for their humanitarian endeavors. Rose Quartz assists with boundary placement and self awareness of one's needs; which go often disregarded at the service of others. When feeling most spaced or detached from emotion, this stone aids in grounding the airy Aquarius sun sign.



a stone that awakens the soul and spirit- supports Aquarian’s creative and innovative qualities by balancing their inspiring originality with insight. Labradorite holds within the magnificently merged energies of fire and water, providing Aquarians a distinctive combination of patience and passion that aim to serve them well in future ventures.



aquarius sun signs have a tendency to shy away from their emotions, favoring logic and detachment instead, making Moonstone one of the most beneficial Aquarian stones. It helps bring them back in touch with their vulnerabilities, urging they make peace with them to grow and attain healthy emotional balance. This stone brings to light the most positive qualities while helping tame the much less desirable ones.


  • 5 medium stones and choice of one complimentary incense/random tarot card draw

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