Golden Healer Candle (12 oz)

Infused with golden healer quartz, yellow aura quartz, clear aura quartz, tigers eye & chamomile.


This masterfully crafted blend of energies opens the mind, heals the heart and activates your inner city of jewels - calling in creativity, confidence, willpower & divinely orchestrated transformation. Light this candle when you're feeling uneasy or need a boost in confidence.



Top Note: Citrus + Cinnamon

Middle Note: Apple + Berry

Base Note: Pecan + Cedar + Chrysanthemum

Golden Healer Candle (12 oz)

    Simply set your intention and light the candle.


    Moonlux Cove moonlite candles are reiki blessed with the intention of healing in alignment with the highest good of whoever purchases it. 

    Our candles are made from beeswax, which detoxifies the air as it burns - making our candles some of the cleanest on the market. We use cruelty free colorants that create a lava lamp shimmer, making our candles not only some of the cleanest on the market, but also some of the most beautiful. 


    -Remove all gemstones and artificial decor before burning or as they reveal themselves.


    -Keep an eye on the wick and gently push it back into center with a toothpick if it leans too far to one side. This keeps the glass from overheating, causing cracks or breaks.


    -Do not burn longer than 2-3 hours at a time (unless you are an advanced magic practitioner working with a spell that requires a burning flame that diminishes on its own)

    -Keep away from pets and flammable items such as curtains.

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