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February 19 - March 20


PLANET: Neptune 

PHRASE: "I believe"




known as the stone of harmony, intuition and logic, Sodalites relaxing energy serves to calm negative or scattered thought patterns of Pisces, aiding them to see with more clarity and rationalization. 



an empowering stone for the aquatic Pisces. Known as the “Seawater Stone” Aquamarine is as comforting as it is powerful- soothing, yet abrasive in integrating the potential they hold inside by operating outside of direct influences and instead choosing to follow the pull of their own current. This stones lessons come with ease as its energy is sure to consume this water sign with feelings of warmth and contentment.



a great choice for the sun sign of Pisces, as it produces a magnetic field that manifests positivity in all living beings. Working to calm and counteract negative energy, it’s one of the best stones to aid the healing of physical or emotional trauma Pisces may fall prey to. 



not only does Quartz magnify the effects of each of these stones, it cleanses and motivates the inner spirit of the Pisces- giving them the power to become who they long to be. This stone offers continuous healing energy and aids in connection with higher consciousness. 



pisces emotions are fluid like water and require lightness to distinguish truth from deception. This stone aids clarifying the mind while aligning the heart, helping thoughts and actions stem from a genuine place of truth and love. 


  • 5 medium stones and choice of one comlimentary incense/random tarot draw

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