Sacred Journey Mystery Box

Sacred Journey Mystery Box

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I heard the whispers, heeded the call. My journey is sacred and I will not fall. I am divinely protected, as that is my right, my journey is sacred and so is my light.


A Large Sacred Journey Mystery Box Includes:


•Sustainably Sourced Air Purifiers such as Palo Santo or Sage


•Tarot Card Reading  (w physical card for altar / meditation) 


•8 oz Shimmery Crystal Candle  (scent intuitively chosen) 


•Blessed Moon Soap Bar (scent intuitively chosen) 


•Aura Cleansing Salt Scrub  (scent intuitively chosen) 


•Room & Aura Spray  (scent intuitively chosen) 


•3-5 Minerals, Gemstones & Crystals (intuitively chosen) 


Medium and small sizes include various items from the list above, but not all.

  • When you buy a Sacred Journey Mystery Box, all items are intuitively chosen and hand crafted at purchase with your healing & highest potential in mind, meaning no two Mystery Boxes are alike. 


    The scents available on our site for candles, soaps, sprays and scrubs will differ from what you receive in your box, making the goodies within one of a kind items. 

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